Tay Ivory


Tay Ivory 04.002

It is a wood of African origin with a “neutral” fiber, and lends itself to being dyed in multiple colors.

Availability: Immediate

Availability: Hardness: ●●○○

Family: Sterculiaceae

Scientific name: Pterygota bequaertii / Pterygota macrocarpa

Veneer is a natural product that is known for its uniqueness and is made from processed natural wood in thin layers which coat its panel using glue.

These laminated panels use MDF or Chipboard, E1 quality as well as premium quality veneers with stringent selection criteria and a wide variety to meet all decorative & consumer needs.

In the production process the product is strictly sorted according to their type and quality in a specially designed air conditioned environment with appropriate temperatures for the relative humidity of the veneer.


  • A variety of veneer-dimensions and categories
  • Strict quality veneer selection
  • Variety of veneer types and permanent renewal & color enrichment
  • Low-emission formaldehyde product, non-toxic, environmentally friendly since veneers are coated with E1 grade particle board.
  • Perfect finish and properly polished surface



  • Cabinet
  • Interior design
  • Doors
  • Special interior constructions
  • Decorative lining