Rovere Classic


Basic AC3 – 7mm Rovere Classic 5702

ALFA WOOD group’s Master Laminate is the only floor produced in Greece.

Produced at the Group’s industrial premises in Grevena, it adheres to strict quality standards, while using the Uniclic patented joint locking system. The Uniclic locking system enables you to engage the flooring panels via two methods – angling and snapping. This fact makes Uniclic one of the easiest locking mechanisms for do-it-yourself flooring installations, and the favorite of OnFlooring. Uniclic is a revolutionary system for installing laminate floors without using glue. The panels can be clicked together simply, thanks to the ingenious shape of the tongue and groove.


Alfa Wood’s master laminate floors are durable, consisting of core (HDF) and decorative paper with hard resin coating.

Anyone who chooses Alfa Wood flooring, chooses a high quality floor that is visually & economically attractive and fully responsive to new flooring trends. With a 25-year guarantee for home or business use, you can be assured for a lifetime.


For the complete presentation of your spaces ALFA WOOD group has a skirting board and a series of accessories of the same shades. Their high strength combined with a variety of colors and designs, make the MASTER LAMINATE flooring ideal for almost any room.

Technical Specifications AC3 - 7mm

Type : AC3
Class category : 23 / 31
Panel : HDF
Density (Kgr/m3) : 890-930
Thickness swelling : ≤20% (moisture resistant) ≤18% (moisture resistant)
Impact resistance : IC1
Surface : Relief
Formaldehyde emission : E1
Reaction to fire : Bfl-s1
Slip resistance : DS
PCP : 0 mg/kg
Resistance to staining :
Resistance to cigarette burns :
Friendly to alergics :
UV Radiation resistance :
Structure Technology : L2C Patented
Dimension : 7 x 190 x 1206mm
Square meters per package (m2) : 2,063
Boards per sheet : 9
Weight package : 13,180Kgr (±5%)
Package per pallet : 48 Packets
Warranty : 10 Years


The 27 colors (9 Basic Line at 7mm AC3 thickness, 4 Classic Line at 8mm AC5-4V thickness and 14 Elegance Line at 8mm AC5-4V thickness) capture in the most realistic way all the natural features of a real wood floor.

  • Durable: loads of furniture or other heavy objects, burning cigarettes, sharp objects (pointed heels)
  • Light: laminate floors are UV resistant and do not discolor.
  • Eco-friendly: 90% made of wood, derived from sustainable forestry practices.
  • Antiallergic: provides a space that does not cause allergies
  • Long life: The life of a laminate flooring is between15 to 30 years.
  • Perfect appearance: ideal imitation of natural wood.
  • Mounting: easy mounting as it clicks with a unique click system.
  • Easy dismantling and repositioning 2-3 times
  • Ability to replace damaged board locally
  • Ideal for renovations due to their low thickness
  • Anti slip
  • Same color Skirting


The laminate floor consists of four layers:

  1. Overlay Foil Paper
  2. Decorative surface
  3. The main body is consisted of HDF (high density fiberboard)
  4. Moisture-resistant stabilizing base with a dense fiberboard composition
  • Durable
  • Indelible colors
  • Resistant to stains
  • Resist UV radiation
  • Suitable for renovation
  • Realistic illustration
  • Easy installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Same color Accessories


Μaster Laminate Uses

  • Home
  • Professional use, small traffic place
  • Professional use, high traffic place
  • Shopping malls
  • Hotels
  • Coffee shops
  • Exhibitions
  • Offices
  • Medical offices etc

Fitting Instructions Laminate

Odhgies egkatastashs
Fitting Instructions Laminate




  • Simple 2mm polyethylene
  • Simple 3mm polyethylene
  • 2mm rubber (suitable for floor heating)
  • 2mm cork substrate