Alfa Wood Group loyal to current trends, innovates once again with the new L’arte del legno 2023 collection, consisting of a complex of geometric shapes of natural veneer, cut and sewn by hand, that create the subtle illusion of movement with three-dimensional patterns.

The designs are inspired by geometry, combining natural wood colors on a two-dimensional level. Simple geometric forms are imprinted on the surfaces, creating the illusion of alternate designs visible to the viewer after rotation and observation of pattern development.

This way, the viewer is in a playful relationship with the design, as his perspective places it in space.


The following surfaces have many decorative applications and uses, such as:

Furniture manufacturing (dining rooms, sideboards, table tops, etc.)

Interior doors

Cabinet doors

Wall cladding

Special constructions: such as bed headboards, stairs, art, musical instruments, etc


DIMENSIONS: 3050 x1220mm & 2440 x1220mm

Suggested Combinations…