Camouflage Light



This creation is based on camouflage patterns, with colors derived from the environment, such as the classicaltones of Mediterranean woods and Nordic forest. The choice of Bird’s Eye Maple veneers enhances the natural veins of wood.

Standard panel size: 3050 x 1220  mm


Wood species: Bird’s Eye Mable

Family: Aceraceae

Scientific name: Acer nigrum, Acer saccharinum

We can offer you these models that TABU has developed: the selected types of wood provide the best possible adaptation to the geometric and design needs of each pattern and are the following: Oak, Eucalyptus, Sycamore, Bird’s Eye Maple and Birch.

Sustainable wood species have been carefully selected and dyed, combining the latest laser cutting technology with the ability to assemble the various pieces of wood, while maintaining the natural beauty of each type of wood. The whole range is offered with an FSC® certification.

A truly unique raw material, transformed into an incredibly sophisticated and user-friendly product.

Availability: upon request

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