MDF low added formaldehyde product


 L.A.F. low added formaldehyde product 

L.A.F. MDF is a fiberboard that combines very high humidity resistance, with enhanced mechanical properties without any formaldehyde addition.
It consists of wood fibers with low level formaldehyde resins that are environmentally friendly, materials that give an extra resistance to the moisture of individual spaces.

Fully complies with V100 tests (as described in EN 1087-1)
It can be used indoors for separating spaces with different temperature conditions, as well as outdoors when it is covered.
Produced in black to stand out from other ALFA WOOD products.

High moisture resistance, Flawless surface texture, Very high tensile strength, Extremely high stability to environmental changes, Extremely high density, Moisture resistance

Use in high humidity indoors, to separate areas with temperature changes, outdoors as a coated product, in outdoor doors, as a material in lofts, in coated tables exposed to external environmental conditions, etc.