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Fire Retardant


Fire Retardant MDF

Fire Retardant MDF is a fiberboard that combines all the characteristics of a fiberboard with those of a moisture-resistant fiberboard, but also has the property of delaying the transmission of a flame in the event of a fire. It consists of wood fibers to which special resins and environmentally friendly additives have been added, which impart fire resistance to the material.

It is produced in red to stand out from ALFA WOOD Group’s Exquisite Products.

flawless surface texture, tensile strength, high stability to environmental changes, easy to process, high density, moisture resistant

Area of application:
In buildings with an increased fire resistance requirement such as public buildings, hospitals, schools, airports, mainly for doors, furniture, etc.

Advantages : High durability environment, high humidity environment, UV resistant, very stable external changes, high tensile strength, high bending strength, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, low formaldehyde emission