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“Wood” you mind?

Circular economy
We ensure wood’s natural life circle

We create, improve and connect our activities, with positive signs and the minimal impact possible, for our planet’s sustainability in order to slow down climate change.

We use the “receive – process – recycle”
instead of “receive – process – reject”


We focus on recycling biomass waste, from our production process,
as well as all its waste, such as:

  • Forest biomass
  • Plant tissue waste
  • Wooden packaging

and other materials arising from wood’s processing.

We use these as raw material for the production of electricity and “green energy”.

We aim to enhance and extend biomass’ life cycle, by creating added value to it.

We build, in order to leave a “greener” legacy for future generations

Sustainable development starts with
We bring a pure material back to life, solid biomass

Being a wood panel, building material and pellet production leading company, ALFA WOOD GROUP promotes
and supports the use of renewable energy sources. Green energy and sustainable development is a
long-term, key strategy of Alfa Wood Group in order to reduce gas emissions (Kg-CO₂).

The use of recycled materials to the fullest extent, at all stages of the development chain,
is now referred to as, “recycling economy”.

What is solid biomass recycling?
It is the reuse of organic materials that have direct or indirect biological origin, in our case the wood-based materials.
These materials have either undergone an industrial treatment and are at the end of their life cycle, or are found in
nature, near the end of their life cycle and are left as waste, not being able to be used for the production of any other

Such materials can be derived from wood waste which is recovered from discarded products (pallets or
packaging materials, from the forest (forest biomass), such as bark and tree trunks, branches, etc.
From plant tissue wastes, such as crop residues, etc. from sawmill residues or derivatives containing wood products
and resulting at various stages of the production process.
These include -among other things- pieces of wood, sawdust, etc.

The biomass to be recycled, after being collected, is sent to our factories and is being subjected
to a specific treatment, in order to be used for the production of green energy (heat and electricity).
Eco friendly products from renewable raw material resources.

75,000 tons of biomass waste are being recycled every year.
200,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) are being saved every year.
Our production cycle
A Greek company creating value for society and the environment

All wood processing by-products, resulting from the production process,
as well as those that are not suitable for sale / essentially at the end
of their life cycle, are used to produce energy from biomass, depending on their origin,
thus saving energy resources while contributing to sustainability at the same time.

We produce something more…
We produce energy
with respect and dedication to sustainable development

We bring electricity to 6.000 homes annually,
with green energy derived from

Circa 200,000 tons carbon dioxide (CO_) are saved annually, thus avoiding further air pollution,
compared for example, to fossil fuels such as crude oil.

We reuse circa 75,000 tons of biomass every year, for the production of “green” energy,
quantity that could possibly end up in streams / landfills and foundries.

products derived from renewable
raw material resources

Αlfa Wood Group products comply
with all applicable legal requirements.

Composition of materials in our products
Alfa materials = A quality / RELIABILITY
For the production of our materials (panel, pellet laminate flooring) based on wood,
we procure the wood, exclusively from trusted suppliers, certified state
organizations (Forest Directorates / Forest Offices) , as well as international
organizations such as FSC®. The composition of our materials consists of:
(wood, paper and adhesives / except for wood pellets which do not contain adhesives).
The percentage of wood in lined panels is 85% and the rest consists of impregnated
paper and adhesives. The percentage of wood in laminate flooring is 80% and
the rest consists of impregnated paper and adhesives. The percentage of wood in pellets,
in addition to its humidity, is 100%.

In complete harmony with the environment,
Alfa Wood Group adheres to the strictest of standards and
commitments, for its production line.

Formaldehyde content in our wood-based panels
Formaldehydeis emitted from the wood panel mass during bonding with resins based on urea,
formaldehyde or phenol. A wood-based material may have a formaldehyde concentration
of less than 8 mg per 100 g, meeting the criteria of E1 emission class.
The wood-based panels are lined with fiberboard or particle board with veneer
or decorative paper impregnated with melamine resin, on one or both sides,
while it is also available in various colors and textures,
making it an ideal material for furniture.

Our industry supplies the wood needed for its panel and wood pellet production, exclusively
from trusted suppliers, certified government agencies (Forest Directorates / Forest Offices),
as well as international organizations such as FSC®.

Certification for the production of MDF (melamine, veneer, HPL, CPL, Foil, Acrylic,
PVC, Anti finger) & Chipboard (melamine, veneer, HPL, CPL, Foil, Acrylic, Laminate
Flooring, Indoor Furniture and doors & frames. Maintaining the certified supply
chain system, our company provides the assurance that ALFA WOOD GROUP
products are produced in compliance with globally recognized ecological, social
and economic standards.

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