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The wide variety of combinations offered by Alfa Wood in production and processing of wooden PANELS will help you take advantage of every material’s manufacturing feature.

Alfa Panels are high quality wood products, designed for longevity in home or business applications. They are used indoors and form the core or substrate on which various decorative sheets of paper or veneer are coated. The panels combine high durability and durability, and are lightweight and waterproof, and are ideal for hotel, shops, furniture, kitchen and bathroom furniture and door construction.

Alfa Wood’s Alfa Panels product line offers unlimited application options and combinations of materials, with an equable result for impressive construction and durability.

All the products of the alfa panels range are perfectly matched with the other product collections, Alfa Surfaces, Alfa tops and Alfa indoor for a more complete result in any of your designs.

They have a wide range of creative potential, are eco-friendly and are produced with zero amounts of E0 +, E1 and CARB formaldehyde.

Our wood-based products are certified by the Forest Certification Approval Program (FSC®). The production process followed by the company is ISO 9001. (TUV) certified. (ΤUV)

Applications:Furniture accessories, partitions, wall paneling, upholstery furniture, doors,
packaging, kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, kitchen benches, children’s furniture, hotel furniture,store furniture, special construction for hospitals, ships

Properties: Very good mechanical performance, high stability, low swelling in thickness, suitable for
coating with melamine or veneer, fireproof, waterproof.


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