Discover, design and customize your space with Alfa Design Studio, our new online app.

Whether your home is classic or modern, big or small, now there is a way to visualize your living room,  kitchen, kid’s room, bedroom, or a professional space that reflects your style.

We have developed the Alfa Design Studio visualization program online, which helps you see realistic photos, decorative surfaces and colors to give you a more realistic idea of Alfa Wood Group’s products.


Our materials in your hands:

With  Alfa Design Studio you now have the entire Collection of surfaces at your disposal, wherever you are. Enjoy instant access to many room settings and easy-to-use features. Bring new ideas to life and create combinations of materials and colors in our ready-to-wear sets and give the style that suits better to your space.

You can save the design you have created with your own inspiration and materials you used.


Visualizing your ideas:

Alfa Design Studio is an excellent consulting tool, making it easier for you to visualize your ideas.

Customize your space with the furniture you will find in our scenes combining all of our materials (melamine surfaces, floors, ral colors).

To get more acquainted with our product collections, visit our local partners.

For more information on product specifications, product certifications and specifications, visit our website


How does it work

  • Free online
  • Access to our entire collection of products (surfaces, flooring, doors)
  • 10 room scenes
  • Save, print the scenes you created
  • Share the scenes you created on social media
  • Enter the application